We do not know when we will be allowed to hold gatherings of

Also the Waratah Room has been demolished  to make way for the new centre
and we are uncertain of the location for future auctions.  Watch  this space !
    Twice annually, EDAS stages the largest Fish and Plant Auctions in the state. The auctions in  May and October and are held on a Saturday afternoon.
                       These are public auctions open to all comers and anyone can sell and anyone can buy*.

*commission of 20% applies to all items sold, and to sell, a premium payment equal to a single membership is applied for non- members.

Items sold include fishes, plants, accessories and any item associated with fishkeeping. Prices are  usually about half retail cost. Many rare and seldom seen species are often available.

Patrons can come and go at any time, fully licensed cafeteria operates throughout the afternoon.

                     The auctions are publicised  widely and usually attract crowds well in excess of 100.


Auction Rules: 
    Note no more than three items with a reserve in any one box !



Pre-Auction Day rules:-


1)      To sell boxes at the auction approved seller's sheets must be obtained,. These are issued by EDAS, after registration.


2)      Application to sell boxes must be made to the EDAS club Auction Superintendent in writing (via e-mail or letter) and received in the month prior to the date of auction..  Your application must include the number of boxes you intend to submit for sale at auction ? (either 1 or 2  boxes), and a contact email and snail mail address. You will be notified of your registered boxes in the  days prior to the auction and two sellers sheets will be provided for each box registered.. All applicants will be permitted at least one box. Membership of whatever type, Family, Single,or Concessional entitles application for a maximum of two boxes.


3)      In the event that applications for more than the maximum number of boxes (40 boxes) are received, the EDAS council will appoint individual/s to scale back applications.


4)      Where required, the key factor that will be used to scale back individual applications are continuous years of membership of EDAS.  Additional factors to consider include the quality of lots sold at previous auctions and the individuals contribution to club activities.


5)      Applicants will be sent the required seller's sheets via email  or snail mail, for the number of boxes they have been approved to sell at the auction.  This notification will be approximately one week prior to the auction date.


6)    Remember: You must have applied and received approval for the number of boxes you submit for sale at the auction !                                 1, or 2.


Auction Day rules:-


1)      Goods are sold in boxes of up to 10 lots in each box, accompanied by a two separate copies of the official AUCTION SELLER'S SHEET   which will be mailed to you prior to the auction

2)      Sellers may submit  to their pre-approved number of boxes (1; or 2).    No more than THREE lots may be the same in each box. NO MORE THAN THREE LOTS MAY HAVE A RESERVE STIPULATED.

3)      Boxes arriving after the start of the auction will only be permitted with the acceptance of the scrutineers.  Boxes accepted after   the auction start time may be sold LAST.

4)      In the event of the stewards needing to rebag a lot a $2 fee may apply per lot.

5)      All lots must be the property of the vendor ? No selling on behalf of others.

6)      Each lot must be clearly labelled with identity and number of contents, reserve price if any, and lot number in the box. 

                  This must match the sellers sheet.

7)       All box number 1's are sold before second boxes are sold.

                  Boxes accepted for sale after the start of the auction may not be sold in this sequence.

8)      All vendors must arrange to have payouts and unsold lots, if any, collected on the day of the auction

                 We cannot store fish for later collection. 

                 Lots not collected within 20 minutes of the final sale of the auction will be forfeited to the club.

9)      Vendors pay 20% commission on all sales and Non-members will need to pay a premium, equal to a single                            membership,  presently $30, to sell items in the auction.

10)  Fish must be in plastic bags -  without  printing on them which obscures easy viewing by scrutineers.

11)  Lots will be sold in a manner at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.


Addicted2Fish                Box 4190, Knox City Wantirna Sth,3152           0417 388 399

Aquarium Industries    Lot 21, Shirley Way, Epping. 3076                     9409 9300 

Aqua-Pics                        Rear 3/544 Frankston/Dandenong Rd              0425 710 943 

                                          Carrum Downs  Vic 3201

Bunarong  Aquarium      2/3Overport Road, Frankston 3199                   9783 6083

Cichlid Press Aust.         79 King Drive Lancefield, 3435                          5429 1516

Coburg Aquarium           222 Bell St, Coburg 3058                                   9354 5843

Eva Life Aquarium          3 Olsen St. Frankston 3199                                9783 2204  

Nature Aquariums           723  Whitehorse Rd. Mont Albert 3127              9898 8432

New Life Aquarium          3 Lithgow St. Abbotsford 3067                           9428 8721

Pet Pacific                    10/ 7-11 Rocco Drive,Scoresby,3179            9764 9200        Subscape Aquarium    310-312 Victoria St., Richmond, 3121                9427 0050

Upmarket Aquarium       442 Queen St. Melbourne , 3000                        9600 9051   

 V and L Aquarium          High Street  Preston


EDAS relies on the generous support of  - The Whitehorse City Council  and members of the Aquarium trade, as listed above, for assistance. Please support our sponsors for the mutual benefit of club and dealer.

Auctioneer Dave holds aloft another lot from the October 12 Auction


View from the admin table at October 12 auction


A crowd of over 110 buyers at peak time during the October 12 Auction


Auctioneer Aussie consults with the scrutineer